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SmartVault: Pro Financial's Client Portal

To login, click the "Client Portal" button in the upper right corner of this page.

*Use of SmartVault is provided for tax and accounting related purposes. SmartVault is not utilized for Cetera Financial Specialists LLC / Investment purposes.

SmartVault Information:

The SmartVault client portal is a great service that Pro Financial offers at no cost. It is very similar to apps like Google Drive and Dropbox. Basically, you upload your tax documents on to the portal, we get notified of the upload, we contact you, and we put your tax return in process. It is very easy to use and we have had great feedback from clients. 

What is even better, is your information is on SmartVault whenever you need to access it. Say you need your W2's and a copy of your tax return for a mortgage or home equity line, you can easily log on, and in seconds have that information. 

As with everything we do here at Pro Financial, security is our main focus. SmartVault uses bank level security to make sure you information stays safe. 

Need To Sign Up For SmartVault?

  • If you do not currently have an account with SmartVault, please click the button below.
  • If you can't remember, just sign up again, we will let you know. 
  • If you forgot your password, click the "Client Portal" button on the top right, then click "Can't sign in?" and follow the instructions

Click Here To Sign Up

Need Help Using SmartVault?

If you would like to learn how to use SmartVault, please click the button below. If you still have questions after reviewing this info, please give Mike Jr a call at 630.924.2400. 

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